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Boost results with strongly formative assessment

Research shows that timing of feedback strongly correlates with effectiveness. Yacapaca's unique peer feedback is delivered immediately the student answers a question.

Choose from 22,395 teacher-written assessments across all subjects and syllabi...

Try entering the topic of your next lesson

...or create your own. With easy-to-use authoring tools, you will never have a problem setting tests or assignments.

Accelerate progress with blended learning

using our comprehensive tool set ... from simple yes/no questions to lengthy essays.
From multiple choice, to short-text, to essays.
All auto-marked using artificial intelligence*.

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Target rapid interventions
with robust realtime reporting

Analyse student performance by subject, topic, key concept or individual question. Correlate results to any subgroup - gender, FSM, ESL, Code-B, SEN, Pupil Premium, Excluded. Show these reports to your next Ofsted inspector and watch their eyes light up.

The teacher’s best friend

Teachers who assess through Yacapaca reduce their workload by up to 8 hours per week. They perform efficient baseline assessments and regular, personalised, assessment thereafter, all appropriately differentiated.

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Feed your students’ thirst for learning

Here’s a real student email: "I want more quizzes so that i can learn and can get more points in my account. So Mrs [redacted] can you please put more quizzes."

These great schools use Yacapaca

And so do these great teachers.

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Share your key objectives with us and we will:

1. align Yacapca to help you meet them,
2. show you exactly how to drive the results you need,
3. set up a free trial, and free training, for your school.

*Find out more: If you want to drill down into our claims, you can do so here.